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Nairobi Arusha Moshi Private Luxury Bus-Hire Service

Nairobi Arusha Moshi Private Luxury coaster

For private Shuttle charters service (22 seats)

Nairobi Arusha Moshi Private Luxury coaster

Marangu Shuttle V.I.P luxury charter bus ( 40seats)


Private Shuttle Hire services Kenya Tanzania Uganda Nairobi Arusha Moshi Marangu

For private charters and regular shuttle services.Narobi - Arusha - Moshi - Marangu (27 seats)


Private Luxury Van for 5 to 7 guests

Private Luxury charter Van . For family, Staff and groups of 5 to 7 guests
Private Luxury Shuttle for Family friends or staff

Private charter only.For family and groups of 5 guests


Nairobi Arusha Moshi Daily Shuttle Bus

For private Shuttle charters Kenya Tanzania (28 seatsNairobi Arusha Moshi Shuttle Bus
V.I.P Charter bus ( 40seats)

Marangu 4WD Tour Vehicle with pop up roof

Marangu 4WD tour vehicles for Kenya Tanzania safaris

Marangu Tour Van with pop up roof game viewing drives

Marangu tour vans for Kenya Tanzania safaris

Nairobi Arusha private shuttle bus hire for 1 guest to 22 guests seat bus Inquire now, Nairobi Moshi private shuttle bus hire 1 guest to 22 guest seat bus, Book now, Private shuttles to Kilimanjaro airport for 1 guest to 22 and more, Inquire today, shuttle bus hire to Marangu hotel from all pick up points and to all kilimanjaro hotels, Book now . Guest / Guests like to join other travellers already on board to destinations of choice; Nairobi hotels, Arusha Hotels, Moshi Hotels, Kilimanjaro Hotels to Marangu and Machame Book today . Groups hiring shuttles or a luxury coach/bus more than 22 seats to any destination or hotel; 37, 42, 60 seats buses/coaches, Inquire

Marangu Shuttles offer Private shuttle Transfer services for guests who need to explore on their own. Groups and famlies would like enjoy freedom and flexibility on timing, select own schedule, depature time and destination. Private shuttle hire works well. Professional on short time assignment do require such tailored services.

Nairobi; We book and drop guests at all hotels like:The Stanley Hotel,park side hotel,upper hill camp site, Kenya comfort hotel,Marble Hotel,Terminal Hotel,Meridian Hotel,Panari Hotel,Methodist house, YMCA guest house,Landmark hotel,Mayfair Hotel,Ambassador Hotel,Intercontinental Hotel,Greton Hotel,Heron court Hotel,Norfolk Hotel,irview Hotel. Book Now!!!

Arusha; We book and drop guests at hotels like: Impala Hotel, 77 Hotel Annex,Naura springs meru inn, Aquiline hotel, backparkers,kibo palice, Hotel Aquiline, JoshMol Hotel, Arusha hotel,Oasis hotel. Book Now!!!

Moshi; We booke and drop guests at hotels like: Impala hotel, Keys hotel Zebra , kilimanjaro hotel,Buffalo hotel,springland hotel,Leopard, kindoroko hotel, Book Now!!!

Marangu; We drop and pick at Marangu hotel and hotels near here, camp sites at the base of mount kilimanjaro. Book Now!!!

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Nairobi Arusha Moshi Private Shuttle Bus-Hire Services

Inquire for more information

Below are the rates for single journey Private Transfer from JKIA OR Wilson Airport and from Nairobi to various towns. For return you multiply by 2 (For return there is a discount).
FROM/TO 3 - PAX 8- PAX 23-PAX 4X4s
JKIA-CITY HOTELS US $ 20US $ 40US $ 90US $ 120
JKIA-KAREN US $ 50US $ 60US $ 110US $ 120
JKIA-GIGIRI/UNEP US $ 48US $ 70US $ 140US $ 150
JKIA-WESTLANDS US $ 30US $ 50US $ 90US $ 110
WILSON-SAFARI PARK US $ 40US $ 65US $ 110US $ 120
JKIA-SAFARI PARK US $ 50 US $ 75US $ 130US $ 140
WILSON-TOWN US $ 30US $ 40 US $ 90 US $ 110
NAIROBI- NAMANGA US $ 170US $ 220US $ 280US $ 340
NAIROBI-NAKURU US $ 150US $ 240US $ 340US $ 400
NAIROBI-NAIVASHA US $ 110US $ 180US $ 300US $ 340
NAIROBI- AMBOSELI US $ 200US $ 220US $ 380US $ 420
NAIROBI-NYERI US $ 160US $ 240US $ 340US $ 400
NAIROBI- THIKA US $ 50US $ 100US $ 200US $ 240
NAIROBI - NANYUKI US $ 185US $ 240US $ 400US $ 420
NAIROBI - ARUSHA US $ 300US $ 350US $ 400US $ 450
NAIROBI - MOSHI US $ 350US $ 400US $ 450US $ 450
NAIROBI - DAR-ESALAAM US $ 1100US $ 1300US $ 1500US $ 1500
NAIROBI - KAMPALA US $ 1000US $ 1100US $ 1400US $ 1300
NAIROBI - KISUMU US $ 350US $ 400US $ 450US $ 450

Inquire your own private transfer per your programme

Seating Plan On The Nairobi Arusha Moshi Private Shuttle Transfer Service

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